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The Annual District Picnic is happening this Saturday!
The Disco Picnic will be a fun-filled evening for the entire family with great food, the always entertaining cardboard boat race, great food provided by our clubs, music by DJ Dan Medina, crafts for kids, a chili competition, a karaoke competition, and added this year, a movie on the lawn - bring your beach chair or sit in a folding chair we will provide and enjoy THE PRINCESS BRIDE!

We will be collecting baby items and gift cards for Camp Pendleton families. Everyone who brings an item or items will receive a fun gift!
Saturday August 24th, 2019 from 5-9pm
Seaside Lagoon
200 Portofino Way
Redondo Beach, CA 
Adults $10, 25 and under are $5
This year's Rotary District 5280 breakfast was held at the Proud Bird restaurant.  The speaker, Bow Tie Todd, talked about inclusion. He pointed out that we need to look around at the members in our club not only to see who is there, but also to see who is NOT there- meaning which groups (ages, gender, race, music preference, job types, favorite foods, etc) are not represented in our club. He told us that we can’t wait for someone else to reach out to the missing groups- we all need to do our part. Hakuna Matata- no worries about inviting people to the club. Don’t be afraid. Just reach out. We will be happier as the group grows.
Can you imagine something as simple as stepping on a toothpick leading to 4 cardiac arrests and a heart transplant over a 20 year time span? That’s the reality faced by Sebastian Hitzig. We were inspired and shocked by the miracle surgery and recovery that allowed Sebastian to be standing in the room with us. This topic was close to member Marsha’s heart (intentionally worded) due to her experience with her son Logan’s congenital heart problems from birth. Both Sebastian and Logan are standing strong today due to the miracles of modern medicine. In other news, Jim McLees brought us a flag from the Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota. He mentioned how everyone in the Northfield club exemplifies the “Minnesota Nice” stereotype! 
This week we welcomed fellow Rotarian and El Segundo Police Chief Bill Whalan to our weekly meeting. He introduced our new City Manager Scott Mitnick. He discussed the six month crime report for 2019 for the City of El Segundo. Many crimes included home break-ins and car thefts. Much police time was also spent dealing with the homeless problem in our city. Please click on the photo page to see a copy of the report.
We also heard from Rotarian Justin Mularz who gave us a brief craft talk. He also brought raffle prizes.
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Upcoming Meetings
Governor's Visit
Aug 22, 2019
Discuss our Humanitarian Goals for Year plus a Governor's Roast
Dr. Walavan Sivakumar, Director of Neurosurgery
Aug 29, 2019
Pacific Neuroscience Institute
Speaker for the Oaxaca Humanitarian project
Sep 05, 2019
Humanitarian project for this year's District trip to Oaxaca, Mexico
Kevin Smith
Sep 12, 2019
Sister City of Guaymas