Denese Lopez is the founder and executive director of W.E.L.L. Organization. She was raised by a single mother and grew up in Pico Rivera, California. She became a mother at 16 years old.  She is a retired police officer from the state of California. Ms. Lopez started a nononprofit called W.E.L.L. (Women Empowered By Labors of Love).  She has a background working with survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking.  Her organization decorates and furnishes the homes or rooms of survivors. 
She shared with us how her organization provides survivors with any and all household furnishings and/or renovation needed in their homes.  Everything they need to restore their home. All the work to the home is done by women, for women. Renewing and redecorating their homes from floor to ceiling is what we do. Once a woman realizes she deserves better, letting go is the best decision she will ever make.