Today’s meeting started as usual – with friendly hellos followed by the pledge of allegiance.
Ron Sanchez gave a brief craft talk about creating custom apparel for many of our local schools and businesses. He also reminded us of his history playing hockey, though he laughed when asked if he played professionally. His favorite team is the Red Wings. A friendly fight ensued between Dean and Ron after Ron claimed that he also likes the Kings. The fight settled on Ron admitting that “tolerating” the Kings is more accurate.
Maura Slavens from Kinecta earned her blue badge! Congrats!!
Our speaker was Scott Houston from West Basin Water District. We all know water is an important topic in Los Angeles. Scott helpfully explained many things we can do to conserve our water, including rain barrels and grass replacement. West Basin is working on many plans to ensure we always have access to water.
Announcements: Lots of tickets have already sold for movie in the park, but keep them coming! We are expecting a great crowd. The district breakfast is coming up on August 13th at the Proud Bird restaurant. We have 13 people signed up so far – which Len says is the biggest group we’ve had attend a District Breakfast since he became a member many moons ago. More are welcome!