Welcome to the Newlywed Game - El Segundo Rotary style! This week we celebrated the recent engagements of Carolyne & Owen, and Marisol & Matthew, and paid tribute to long time married couples Eloise & Jose, and Sandy & Karl by battling head to head in the classic Newlywed game. Hosted by Marsha and scored by Linda from the El Segundo Chamber, private details about our couples were hilariously extracted and were at times TMI and sometimes completely inappropriate for our innocent Rotarian ears. There were funny responses from couples when asked about their relationship and we learned a whole lot more than many of us probably would have really liked to have know about what kinds of things our couples do behind closed doors. There were confessions of getting romantic in college dorm rooms. In the back of cars or in the bathroom of a local bar. One couple even admitted to relations at the Rotary Club itself which raised a few eyebrows and made everyone think "here? today? no! ...or at the lodge?". It was a confusing brief moment.
  Luckily there were no reports of casualties after the meeting was over: of members giving themselves a heart attack from laughing so hard or of couples splitting up due to disputes over answers or perceived poor performance. We all went home in one piece pondering if what we just heard was really the truth or just said for a good laugh. Either way it was all good.
   Final scores were as follows: Carolyne & Owen tied Eloise & Jose for a distant third place with 30 points each, Sandy & Karl came in second with 60 points, and Marisol & Matthew won first place with a whopping 65 points! The winning couple received matching sleepwear which I imagine will be utilized very very soon, if not already. 
    Best wishes to all of the couples, and thank you Marsha and Linda for your hard work in preparing for what was one of the most hilarious meetings we've had! Sending lots of love to Marisol & Matthew who's wedding will be held on Oct 5th! Our wonderful Rotary club wishes you both all the love and happiness in the world!