Last Updated 9/23/19
    Twisted Tales Haunted House is now less than a month out! Ticket sales have already begun and are off to a great start from sales made at the Richmond Fair this past weekend. Thank you to those who helped out! Parks & Rec is now seeking out volunteers to work in many different areas of this production including in make-up, character portrayal, in construction and in manning the event itself. If you or someone you know is interested in helping out, please contact Eloise and let her know. So far this event is looking to be perhaps the biggest event for Halloween this year in our community.  There has been considerable interest and curiosity from residents and we anticipate that the event will be a huge success for our club. 
    On Oct 5th stop by the ADM for their Hot Wheels event. The Rotary will be hosting a canned food drive for C.A.S.E. and we need your support. Grab something out of your pantry and swing by and participate! 
   Last week we hosted the Rotary Newlywed Game at the Women's Club and we nearly choked on our drinks and peed our pants laughing so hard over the funny responses from our couples. I hope that Eloise is right when she told me afterwards that "What happens in Rotary, stays in Rotary".  It perhaps goes without saying that for this case all ideas expressed in that meeting are certainly not the views held by the Rotary Club itself. If anyone was offended or outraged, please accept our most humble apologies for being so inappropriate. I do have to admit, though, that it was a lot of fun. ..even if I embarrassed myself completely! LOL 
   On Sept 12th we welcomed Kevin Smith and Sandy Jacobs to our weekly meeting to talk about Guaymas and give us a little background about themselves. We love our sister city in Mexico and hope that we can continue fostering a good relationship with them. Thank you both for sharing your stories!
   This Thursday we will hear from Jose Mendez who will discuss Kurn Hattin Homes, a charity based in Westminster, Vermont. We will meet at the Women's Club on Mariposa and Standard. This will be our last meeting at this location. Starting October 3rd we will be back at the Masonic Lodge. We hope to see you there!